Hello, Internetland! This is not a ‘mommy blog’, this is a ‘Dad Blog’ (said in the same voice as Batman, because why not?) and so it will, according to ┬ámany so-called articles and Facebook posts and snide memes that populate the World Wide Web, involve my brain melting, my body sagging into a bag of fatty meat and just being unreasonably angry every waking minute of the day, going from room to room switching off lights and yelling at nothing.

Cue large amount of remorse for not respecting my wife, etc., etc.

Funny thing is, I really do respect and love my wife (Mrs. C) for raising our kids into active, sociable children that would rather ride their bikes and balance precariously on climbing frames that are designed for kids twice their age. Mrs. C has many stories to share, most of them involving how to translate ‘child-speak’ which brings me back to my ESL training as well. No amount of Facebook posts can guilt trip me otherwise.

This blog does involve recipes at some points. You may cry. I probably did at some point too.

I am a Dad. I would beat my chest, but that would probably only make me cough. This is an exciting new venture. Not the unemployment aspect, but the whole ‘actually bonding and creating some semblance of a relationship with all three kids’.

You look good today, by the way.