Avoiding Black Friday

It’s a thing, here in North America, to celebrate this arbitrary marketing gimmick entitled ‘Black Friday‘. Unfortunately for those across the pond, the same thing is happening and then we have the lovely Cyber Monday as well, just to finish the old American Thanksgiving turkey off before it gets turned into sandwiches for the next week.

Meanwhile in Canada, it’s way less of an issue unlike those crazy Yanks down south who like to upload videos on YouTube about fights breaking out in Wal-Mart. Last year I entered a Wal-Mart in Edmonton at around three ‘o’ clock in the afternoon and found it decidedly empty. It’s like nobody cares and if they did, Canadians only seem to do shopping at the weekend and most of them are on-line shopping nowadays anyway. At least, the smart ones are. Who wants to run into an American that’s itching for a fight over a new television?

No, Canadians wait for this thing called ‘Boxing Day sales’ instead. Sometimes a store that hasn’t done very well this year (all of them, more or less) will have an entire week dedicated to selling old tat for a discounted price, which is usually a bit more of a bargain than on Black Friday. On the other hand, a sale is a sale and I’m tempted nonetheless.

Then I have a bit of a reality check when I have a look around the house. It’s a mess, a disastrous cacophony of untidiness that permeates into the very walls of our home. That’s what happens when you have three kids. The amount of toys and books that these kids have just get strewn around and just puts me in a mood for downsizing if I had the energy. Except that I don’t have any energy because I’ve yelled, pleaded and bribed the kids for two hours into turning the living room into something habitable only for Pup, our youngest, to turn over a large box of blocks and then tootle off, metaphorically dropping the mic behind him. I don’t even see a Black Friday sale on organisation, financial stability, a date night with Mrs. C, or a nap. I’d kill for a nap right now. Or at least a light prodding. But no, no sales on naps.

I like buying stuff on sales, but I also really like to give. I like to give others random stuff at gift exchanges because I think its funny (although Mrs. C glares at me whenever I try to) and I like to give others random stuff because our kids don’t play with it anymore or outgrown it or whatever. Selling something is such a hassle that I end up looking at something and judge its value over my time, as my time is a precious commodity, not the extra few dollars in my pocket and the nine days in trying to sell the stupid thing in the first place.

No, I’m not buying something on Black Friday and then in a couple of years time decide that it’s rubbish and I need to buy something else. I’ll be at home, having an imaginary nap while going through a ‘learning lesson’ with the kids. So there.

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