My Daughter’s Ponytail

Mrs. C had gone off to a job interview this week and so I had the pleasure of overseeing our children’s survival for one more day. This also involved making sure that my daughter’s hair didn’t look like a bird’s nest before she was presented to the public if we wanted to go anywhere that day, which we did. I had been shown before a couple of days ago by Mrs. C on how to do a ponytail and I’m guessing that there are many different levels for Dads according to what they would want to do with their daughter’s hair.

For example, Level 1 would be a normal, everyday ponytail. Level 2 would be pigtails. Level 3 would be braiding. Level 4 would be something so inconceivable at this time to be considered impossible and not even thought about, because it’s the stuff that nightmares are made of. I’m okay at Level 1. Level 1 is the drive-thru option, where it’s quick, easy and stops the child from screaming like a banshee too much.

Going through the steps of creating a ponytail for Butterfly is easy. First, there must be a mirror, always a mirror. She wants to see what’s going on at the back of her head even though she can’t quite see. I like to spritz some water on her hair and brush it into my left hand, so creating the tail portion. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten to put a headband on ready on my right hand, so I give up, bring out the bag of bands and let B choose.

She takes ages.

Still waiting.

Still. Waiting.

Right, ok, rock ‘n’ roll. I’ve now got the purple band on my right hand that’s also holding the hairbrush, find the parting on the front, gently pull and brush into my left hand. Ok, put the brush down. B is poking at spots on the mirror, but that’s ok, at least she’s distracted. I put on the elastic band with three fingers and one thumb over her hair, then twist the band with two fingers and pull the band on as tight as I dare. B compliments me for it not hurting, unlike when Mummy does it.

Difference is, mine lasts for about eight hours, whereas Mrs. C’s record is about three days. There’s tears and tantrums with the latter that last all of five seconds and vague nonchalance with the former and I’m ok with that. Maybe there’s a hidden Level in there somewhere.

Twist and pull, twist and pull. And then it’s done, hurrah. I brush the ponytail, there are wisps of hair all over her head which are fixed with some sneaky hairclips and yay, it’s done. Mrs. C complimented me on this the first time around and hasn’t said much about them since, so I don’t think I’m improving by a lot but on the other hand I don’t think I’m getting worse either.

What makes a difference is how fast you need to get out of the door. I was heading towards our town’s Kids’ Camp at the time and it does put a little bit of pressure on. Now for those upgrades…

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